I am Kristin, and I am the creator and teacher of all the knitting courses that we offer here at Norwegian Knitting!

I am originally from Bergen (the most beautiful city in Norway!) - but I now live in Trøndelag, where the weather is actually better (yes, it`s true!). Trøndelag offers crisp, cold winters with lots of snow - and I love that! Also, my daughters and SIL`s + 6 grandchildren live here, and keep me busy and active. 

My passion is to teach, and I am a Music Teacher by profession - and a knitting teacher by choice! And - I love it! I have been knitting since childhood, and a few years ago, I realized that other people were actually very interested in learning how to knit "the Norwegian Way"! 

There are quite a few free resources for you to enjoy, so make sure to have a look in our catalog.


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  • Norwegian Knitting

    “I took Kristin’s course because I wanted to learn stranded knitting and love the Norwegian style. The courses are brilliant. I have learnt so much and can now knit confidently with two colours.

    I love her videos which break down each step clearly and simply. There are lots of
    little hints and tips that have improved my knitting skills.
    She made it so simple. The support was amazing, if I had a problem Kristin was quick to offer support and advice.

    The courses are fun and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys and/or wants to learn Norwegian knitting”

    Course participant, Norwegian Knitting

  • Norwegian Knitting

    “I love all these knit alongs. I'm hooked. If you ever wanted to learn the Norwegian style of knitting, Kristin Myrmel on the Norwegian Knitting online courses and KAL's is the lady you want to learn from. She has step by step videos that are quick and to the point. Easy to follow patterns. A very supportive and positive person. I am addicted to this site!”

    Course Participant, Norwegian Knitting

  • Norwegian Knitting

    “I have learnt so much from this group, Kristin is extremely helpful, and always comes back so quick with a response! Nothing is too much trouble and great value for money... I really didn’t think I would have got this far in such a short time. Thank you so much Kristin!”

    Course Participant, Norwegian Knitting